"I stand Alone on the cliffs of the world, no one ever tends to me. Sitting alone covered in breeze, some things are so my mind can breath."

Stoner, Weed, Troll. Cats, & Black Metal.

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Giusto de’ Menabuoi (1330-1390) : Cycle de l’Apocalypse (fresque).


As an artist, I find this fascinating.

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sorry man

Attributed to Jusepe de Ribera
Head of a Soldier
Red and black chalk on paper
Pic by Ron Niebrugge, his is a beautiful work.

up to this day I still believe this is the best BM logo there is
Fu Manchu. I feel so “fumado” just by listening to them. 
Somewhere to the south of Lima, Perú. In the middle of the Desert.
Somewhere to the south of Lima, in the desert, Perú. When you go are doing landscape photography in the middle of nowhere, finding someone else doing the same is just amazing. 
Lima, the city where I was born, is just in the middle of a desert, and the long time I spend with my mother travelling through it was just a defining factor for my personality and musical tastes. So, that’s why, after posting lots of photos by crazy idiots who dared to stand alone in the middle of nowhere, I had to do it myself.